Overcoming Seven Deadly Emotions 


Speaker and writer Michelle Borquez knows how it feels to be controlled by your emotions. As a young woman she struggled with the same issues many other women face–being overwhelmed with fear, driven by jealousy, or shamed by guilt. Strong emotions–the ones we all deal with–can lead to “deadly” results when they are not controlled by the Holy Spirit.
But Michelle also learned how God can use the emotions He gave us to help us live the way He intended–in peace, joy, and freedom. With extensive research, biblical study, and personal interviews, Borquez shares with readers how to:

  • Surrender their emotions to God and allow Him to redeem them
  • Embrace God’s plan for positive emotional living
  • Find new and healthy ways to deal with previously damaged relationships

Here is a practical and biblical guide to handling emotions and discovering God’s power and help to live victoriously.