Shine Like A Boss Devotional



Devotional Daily Planner

By Michelle Robinson


Michelle Robinson’s Shine Like A Boss Devotional Daily Planner is an incredible resource for Christian believers to manage your lives during your Christian Walk.  The Devotional Planner includes a guide to revive the Christian faith and rebuild the broken wall of discipleship by helping many people grow in your relationship with Christ in such a way that you are inspired to participate in Jesus’ final instruction.


Shine Like A Boss Devotional Planner includes a collection of 365 motivational lessons for believers to apply to your daily life through a working calendar and goal setting tools:


-Today’s Scripture

-Boss Wisdom

-Boss Suggestions

-Boss Reminders

-Bible in One Year


Ultimately, Shine Like A Boss Devotional Daily Planner will encourage your dedication, success, and the gifts you will attain to reap the rewards that God has in store for you.  This will allow you to be a blessing to others, and influence your ability to be an effective disciple.