Shine Like a Boss Pre-Order (Hard Back)


There is a time for everything under the sun, a season for every thing. There are moments in life, where our very existence depends on our ability to put those boots on (that’s what we do in Texas) and Shine Like a Boss! Moments when our success in business, our commitment to motherhood, our dedication to marriage, our loyalty to friendship requires more from us than we feel is in us. You know, those moments life slaps us in the face and we wanna go crawl under the covers. Girl, get up, put those boots on and walk step by step with me as I share with you insights on:
• Getting confident, comfortable, in confronting and communication.
• Boss Show Stoppers that will keep you from your purpose.
• Bleadership –  When the storms come you have to know how to lead while you bleed.
• Balance and Boundaries the BOSS way.
• Your BOSS Mindset will dictate your BEST Outcome!
• You Boss Lady are the true author of your own story! Own it, Live it, Believe it.
• BOSSES Show up Prepared! – The more you sweat in preparation, the less you bleed in war.
• The power of offense and the way it will keep you STUCK.
• Your Boss Junk Bag – Your bag of junk is tripping you up and keeping you from walking.
• A BOSS Builder is a power collaborator not a coldhearted competitor.
• A Bad *#$$ Boss knows, recognizes, exposes, and kicks the enemy out with boss boots! Guard your heart, home, and territory.
• Boss Legacy – What you leave is not about what you’ve done but about who you’ve been