Texas Sweetheart Cookbook


“The Secret is in the sauce!” Enjoy these exclusive recipes not found on the web and used for years among family and then at our 5 star restaurant, “Mama’s Caliente Kitchen.”

Texas Sweetheart, Michelle Borquez Robinson, is also known as “Mama” to many. Her story is one like many of yours. She loves the idea of family… of connecting with others over a meal – not just any meal – but a meal loved by all. Her own mama handed down the beautiful tradition of family gathering around a table.

“My granny would have pie crust in the freezer, ready to serve in case company randomly stopped by. You never let a guest go hungry or let them come over with nothing to offer. As kids, we were always allowed to invite our friends to dinner. The more the merrier.  No one was a stranger and everyone was treated like family.  I am the oldest of five kids and we all have adopted this same beautiful approach to life. Our gatherings are about celebrating others, great conversation, and food. We leave our mothers home feeling full, not just in our stomach but in our soul.

My heart is for these simple recipes to be just a tool you use to gather community together and enjoy doing life with one another around the table.  Unwind, talk about your day, and connect with those you love, and of course, enjoy the food…an experience to remember!  My kids and I have a rule when we gather to eat anywhere, PHONE PILE.  We make a phone pile in the middle of the table till after we are done. It’s easy, just throw all your phones in the middle of the table. Believe me taking time out off social media, off of the business of life, to partake in real, meaningful, fun, belly laughter, conversation is such great food for the soul. Bon Appetite” – Michelle, Mama, Texas Sweetheart.