There is a time for everything under the sun, a true, dedicated season for almost all we encounter in life. Whatever season you are in, this summit is for you. Our very existence depends on our ability to truly walk like a BOSS, which by the way stands for Building Others, Sowing and Serving.  Life done well requires us to respond in a way that yields growth, which is never comfortable. It involves compromise and learning to work with people. It requires us to take steps necessary to sow intentionally into the lives of others. It demands a determination to walk in our individual purpose and calling, dedicated to our marriages, commitment to being mamas, entrepreneurs, ministrypreuners, or going to work for someone else.  Building is all about what God would have us birth, whether it be in the business world, with our family, friendships, churches, the job place, or working in our communities. It demands of us a passionate, intentional life-giving, loving heart, and this only comes out of a real relationship with Jesus.

Your takeaway from the BOSS Summit will be hearing firsthand how to maintain the relationships God has given us while walking out our purpose. You will leave empowered to walk in your own BOSS shoes of success.


More importantly, live out a BOSS life of thriving instead of striving, while networking with top women leaders from all over the nation in business, ministry and family life. There is something very powerful when women come together with like minds, hearts, and spirits and create ways to work together to further God’s purpose.