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Kevan Robinson


Michelle has been bringing life-giving messages of hope to audiences worldwide for more than 20 years. Whether it’s, strategic masterminds, intensive workshops, or as a keynote speaker, Michelle’s wealth of wisdom and life experience will educate, encourage and inspire. As a business and ministry leader Michelle communicates to a variety of audiences. Her SHINE Like a BOSS messages remind us to:

“Shine Like a Boss” Topics include:

• How to become a God Made Woman vs a Self-Made Woman
• How to get confident, comfortable, and communicate with BOSS language.
• Boss Show Stoppers that will keep you from your purpose.
• How a real boss wins with Balance and Boundaries!
• Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions – Fear, Anger Lust, Pride, Stress, Jealousy, Shame (Two Day Workshop Intensive or Keynote based on Michelle’s Book “Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions.”
• The Five Commitments of a Warrior
• Reinvent YOUR Boss Image! How many times have we had to start something new, be someone new? Are you in transition? Time to reinvent.
• Your BOSS Mindset will dictate your BEST Outcome!
• A BOSS is Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
• You, Boss, are the true author of your own story! Own it, Live it, Believe it.
• A BOSS Shows up prepared! – The more you sweat in preparation, the less you bleed in war.
• Be the BOSS and let honor set you apart from the rest!
• The power of offense and the way it will keep you STUCK.
• Boss Junk Bag – Your bag of junk is tripping you up and keeping you from Shining!
• BOSS Builders look for ways to collaborate not compete.
• A real Boss recognizes, exposes, and kicks the enemy out with boss boots!
• Boss Legacy – What you leave is not about what you’ve done but about who you’ve been.
• Powering Your Purpose and a Plan

“Michelle Robinson is a breath of God’s fresh air in a Christian church culture that desperately needs to breathe
something relevant and real. Michelle has a rare gift of being able to point us clearly to Heaven while still reaching us with a teaching that is easily applicable  to life here on earth…”

Rev Rudy Sheptock- Senior Pastor-The Lighthouse Church of the
C&MA Cape May County, NJ


Michelle is an amazing communicator – intuitive and action-oriented. She makes things happen. She connects people in real time. She is an asset to everything she touches. I’ve also learned a tremendous amount about connecting with people by observing how Michelle communicates.

– Donna Carlson, Connector, Coach &
Catalyst | Inner Leadership Coach | Speaker on
Women’s Leadership 4Word


“Michelle Robinson is a bundle of energy; a veritable wellspring of love, joy, and enthusiasm; and an incredible” communicator of a message that can transform the world. Her passion for her work is only exceeded by her compassion for those who hurt. She truly brings life, hope, and healing to everyone she encounters.”

—Ministry Leader, Ken Abraham, 18 times New York Times bestseller


Michelle is one of those unique individuals with awe-inspiring joy, exploding passion and rock-solid confidence. Be prepared when you learn from Michelle you will learn many new life changing freedoms in Christ.”

Pastor Roger Ball, 1 st Baptist Tempe, AZ


I was immediately drawn to the transparent style and heart in which Michelle communicates. Working in television for years I’ve met many leaders and personalities, and while Michelle is a great leader with many accomplishments, what I love most is her passion and real desire to see women healed and transformed. She personally touched my life with her message and I know she will do the same for many others.

– Dyan Jae, TBN Former Atlanta Director of Programming


I have been blessed by the burning passion of the God Crazy message that has emanated in Michelle over the years. The vision God has placed within her heart is inspiring and transformational. She is a great woman of impact.

– Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, Professor Fuller Theological Seminary


Michelle Robinson has been placed in all our lives to help us rejoice in our faith with the same spiritual gusto and love that pours from the God Crazy message. It is a journey that will change the way you think, feel, and believe.

– Monica Crowley, Author, Radio Host, News Anchor and Talk Show Host on MSNBC and Frequent Commentator on NPR News Radio.


It is my pleasure to recommend Michelle Robinson as an inspiring motivating speaker. I’ve enjoyed many opportunities to be on the platform with her in various speaking engagements and she always brings vibrancy, passion and challenge to listeners and get them to engage in their life purpose with intentionality.

– Dr. Kim Vastine