Michelle Robinson in partnership with AACC, Michele Louviere, and local leaders, held a one time first event focused on trauma response and the healing of the Las Vegas community after the tragic Oct 1 shooting. The event reached over 10,000 people in the Las Vegas area and was responsible for an ongoing strategy to provide trauma – care, counseling and education for local, first responders and ministry leaders. Michelle was also responsible for contributing to the Believe Again documentary highlighting the Oct 1 shooting in Las Vegas, which provided testimonials from highly qualified, mental, health care, professionals, ministry leaders and also those victims effected by the event itself. SUSTAIN is a multi-phase disaster recovery program designed to provide needed intervention services, critical caregiver training, and tangible mental health resources to the faith-based community to support ongoing efforts before, during, and after man-made and natural disasters. The SUSTAIN Disaster Recovery Roadmap provides best-practice trainings for both initial response and long-term disaster recovery work, improves collaboration with organizations that are working in disaster communities, increases communication of resources to churches and agencies in disaster-communities, provides funding to non-profit agencies for counseling low-income survivors, and helps encourage/ support Christian responders and mental health workers who are helping survivors heal. Once, the above tasks have been accomplished in communities impacted by recent trauma incidents, then the focus will shift to helping communities prepare for man-made or natural disasters prior to the disaster occurring. It is critical to have an army of responders and well-trained mental health providers already trained before a disaster happens. The SUSTAIN Disaster Recovery Roadmap has the potential of radically improving the Christian communities’ response to traumatic If you are interested in hosting a Sustain event please contact us at – bosskevanrobinson@gmail.com